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  1. bassofbob


    Sep 15, 2007
    reston, va
    I bought an svt classic a few month ago and love the sound of the tube. I didnt take into consideration that when your playing out 4 nights a week and then have rehearsal two days, I needed to replace them quicker than normal. HELP ME PAY FOR MY TUBES lol.

    I bought this on here a few months back when I was trying to find my tone and it turns out this just wasnt the way I wanted to go. When I use it, it gives me that gainy/punchy tone and sounds really good. IMO one of the best pre/DI's that you could get I just dont use it any more. One of the lights flickers a little bit but it doesnt affect the way it works. 200 Shipped (im pretty firm on this cause I paid more to get it)
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  2. limit6


    Dec 5, 2007
    Philly, PA
    You'll regret this, man. I was considering selling my BDDI for a long while because it scooped the mids too much for my taste and sounded toy-ish. But with your DI signal in the studio, going 75% dry and 25% SansAmp brings your tone to life. Sounds dumb isolated, but in the mix there is nothing that can emulate them; the plug-in is a cruel joke compared to the real thing. This signal in addition to mic'd cab has proven to be indispensable. If you need to sell this instead of some other piece of gear, so be it. Whoever picks this up will be doing well by themselves.

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