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    Jul 31, 2001
    Milford CT
    I am getting ready to celebrate another birthday. I usually buy myself a music toy every year and seeing how a Zon is out of the question, I am considering a Sansamp Bass Driver. But I have also heard they make a "Bass Compactor" I would ass-u-me that the compactor might be something like the driver with compression involved. I am looking for thoughts and other product ideas as well. The problem that has started this quest is My Washburn (FAKE MM) style has a SD MM pick up and a 3 way preamp. I love the tone but even fairly flat it clips my GK's input when I play to hard. Even with the -10 pad engaged. I wish it was a -20. I know this problem lends its self well to a limiter but I would like to have something that I can mess around with a little as well. By the way I mostly play Hard Rock and or metal types of music with this set up. And I have no compressors or limiters in my amp and only use a Line 6 MM Modulator effect or rare occasion if this info helps

  2. Lower your pick-up. Sounds like it's up to close to the strings. It will lower your output. Easy, huh?

    If you want a XLR DI pedal get a Sans Amp.

    If you want an Overdrive/Distortion Effect for the same price get a Fulltone Bass Drive.

    Nuff Said.
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    Oct 25, 2000
    I have both the Bass Driver and the Compactor.I recommend both.The Compactor does not have overdrive,but I find it to be a good compressor,well suited to bass guitar.There are higher quality compressors out there,but in a live situation the instant footswitchability is a real plus.