SOLD Sarno Black Box Tube Driver/Buffer w/Pelican Case - Price Drop

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    Oct 6, 2001
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    Have a like new/unused box of tube goodness. The $320 price includes the Pelican case and insured shipping in CONUS (reach out if you're elsewhere). If you're interested in just the Black Box the price would be $250 shipped.

    Sarno Black Box - 1.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 2.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 3.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 4.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 5.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 6.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 7.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 8.jpeg Sarno Black Box - 9.jpeg
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  2. I absolutely love my BlackBox. Nothing else quite does what it does with a passive P-bass straight in... it just makes my bass sing. All that... then pairs well with anything... basically the best tube buffer on the planet IMHO.

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