Satisfied, At Least for Now!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Dr. Cheese, Oct 12, 2004.

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    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    Now that I picked up a Peavey USA Millennium to go along with my Tribute L-2500, I honestly feel that I have as great a combination of basses that i could possibly buy for the price. These two basses give me lots of great tone a nd playability. The Peavey is still new to me, but its quality is amazing. I can see that this was originally a $1,600 dollar bass. The neck is super thin like a Jazz, the finish is beautiful. I love the 35" scale. This is the first 4 string I have ever owned that had a 35" scale, and it is really nice in combination with the Hipshot D-tuner that comes with this bass. The Hipshot makes detuning really simple, and this is really the first time that I have been able to play a bass with the E dropped to D and not lose my place. The sound is really great , it really reminds me a the Lakland 44-94 but with no coil splitter.

    My Tribute is a great five. It packs a great B-string that has no wobble at all. The bass has so many great tones, It can nail both the J and P sounds. It gets a great powerful G&L sound. The active control and treble boost are great also. This bass has fine fit and finish, it is not as nice as the Peavey, but it is a bass with a list price that is half that of the Peavey.

    I have posted about both of these basses before, but I have to say that for my style of playing and for my demands, these basses literally give me all that I need. I know myself well enough that having my needs covered does not mean that GAS will go away. As a lover of basses, I know that I will always see one that I like. Given my responsibilities, I know that I won't be getting anything too expensive, probably, $1,500 is the most I can spend on bass anytime in the near future which means that I probably won't get anything beyond a Lakland Skyline, Music Man, Peavey Cirrus, Dingwall, or maybe a USA G&L.

    I guess I'm just rambling, but I suppose I'm saying that I've been through enoough basses to know that right now I have two really good basses, and that i could easily spend more and have less. I have certainly done that before. I guess Ill just say to my fellow bass lovers that GAS is like hypertension or diabetes: you can't cure it; so learn to live with it. Before you get anything new, take stock of what you have before you let a great bass go only to regret after you get used to your new toy.