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    Dec 23, 2006
    FSO TO THE LOWER 48 ... Jonathan Reiner (JGR) Saturn V integrated amp in Mint condition
    I bought this with the hopes of bypassing the power section of my powered Wayne Jones cab in order to drive it full on with the Saturn but that did not work out and I'm not ready to sell my cab. Gotta consider a Pre only build unless I change my mind (which I reserve the right to do up until money has been exchanged).

    I have 'only' experienced this amp from the DI Out (Post) driving the WJ, and man what a tone. The full on sound introduces a second tube and a crazy powerful 1200 watt ICE amp section when driving a standard passive cab.

    The build of this thing is pure art and skill. Outstanding. Inductive tone control section for a sound you won't get ANYWHERE else. Just amazing.

    Thread here > Reiner Amplification Megathread.

    $1999 plus shipping to the lower 48. Save a little and no waiting ... won't see many of these come up. This is the HIGHLY COVETED Serial #5.

    Pics to follow ... thanks for looking

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    Dec 23, 2006
    On hold pending payment ...
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