SOLD Savannah "Lightning" Mini Bass (Like Kala U-Bass) - model STB-700

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    This is a very cool little bass, similar to the Kala solid body model. This one is fretted (though a fretless version exists). It has a 9-volt active piezo pickup w/ a V/T/B control setup that offers a broad range of tones from hot/bright to round/mellow. I upgraded from the off-white Thundergut strings to Silver Rumblers and I found the tone, feel and intonation to be greatly improved (plus they look cooler). Scale is 23". Very fun little bass for travel or practice but with serious enough tone you could use it as a backup in a pinch (ya know, depending on your style, etc.)

    I had an acoustic Kala with the passive Shadow system and this one is far more flexible IMO with much higher gain (plus no hollowbody feedback). Condition is great minus one little finish flaw on the lower waist of the body, minor enough that I didn't make an issue of it.

    $195 shipped (CONUS). Ships with a gig bag. Check my feedback. Shoot me questions. Thanks for looking!

    Trades? Yeah, we could talk trades. Been on a bit of a pedal tear. Modulation stuff is always of interest, but I'm happy to entertain the possibilities.

    IMG_20190426_134345.jpg IMG_20190426_134249.jpg IMG_20190426_134327.jpg
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  3. Madcity Fats

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    May 28, 2008
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    Relisting this one. Pictures are old, but the condition hasn't changed. This is a cool little guy who needs to go to someone who will actually play it.