Saved by a grump old drunk Irish dude

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    Aug 11, 2009
    This past weekend I played at the East Durham Irish festival in New York State. Saturday the weather was very steamy 100 degrees on the stage with lights. I was so hot and sweaty my shirt is still soaked, I'm sure I lost 10lbs. The gig went over great minus not being able to see. That night we were scheduled to play @ 2am at the hotel we were staying at. That gig was not the best. Playing to drunk Irish guys straight off the boat singing songs from there home land so loud it was tough to pay attention to my band. And I must add the rooms we were staying in have not been updated sense the 60's.
    Sunday started off great sunny and beautiful. We drove up to the festival. As we approached the gate to head to the stage the Old drunk Irish gate keeper would not let us bring our gear to the stage. He didn't understand us when we told him we were playing at the tent right there! And we had a hard time understanding what he was saying because of the thick Irish accent, so we decided to park in the lot and wait closer to gig time to drop our stuff off next to the stage.
    As time went by the clouds started to thicken up and a massive rain storm hit the festival grounds. I have never seen as much rain fall in 2 hours as it did. The stage we were going to play on got washed away all the equipment ruined. A river of rain water 8' wide ruined the area, the tent was ready to collapse.
    If that drunk gate keeper had let us in, we would of droped all of our stuff off under that tent and thousands of dollars worth of gear would of been ruined. My bass, cabs,amps, effects would of been useless. And I would of been so screwed.
    I guess the miscomunication saved the day. So a big thanks to that guy!
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  2. You owe him a beer.
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    Sometimes "dumb luck" is the best kind. You are now a witness.
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    All the more reason to never show up on time.;)
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    I would always rather be lucky than good. It works out better.