Saved by the gig - sorta

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  1. secretdonkey


    Oct 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    Being a typical 'guy' I was feeling just a wee bit ambivalent about the wedding I was set to attend next weekend. Two highschool sweethearts who were classmates with my wife are getting hitched. They're great folks, for sure - but not quite lifelong friends, though I'd worked briefly with the groom-to-be in a project (he's an excellent, Berklee grad guitarist).

    Almost had a ticket out when my regular band had a last-minute call for a gig - but one member was filling in for a friend's band whose guitarist had to be absent for, yep, a wedding.

    The 'out' came yesterday, when I got a call to do a pick-up blues gig (no rehearsal necessary - just show up and collect $80 for a couple hours work).

    So, in the bassist's version of Monopoly, I just drew a card that read "get out of wedding, collect $80 from easy pickup gig"

    Of course, knowing that no sin goes unpunished, I think I've figured out that the guy who my bandmate is subbing for is in all likelyhood going to be absent for the sake of THE SAME WEDDING I WAS TO ATTEND!

    Ah well, before I start feeling too bad about it, I console myself by recalling this conversation I had with my wife:

    Me: I think I've got a gig and will have to miss the wedding.
    Wife: Awww, do you really have to do it???
    Me: Well, let me ask you... would [groom] cancel a gig to come to my wedding?
    Wife: Well, um, he would, um, if [bride] made him do it!
    Me: The defense rests