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Saw Joey Defrancesco last night---it was a bassless gig of course--

Discussion in 'Bassists [DB]' started by telarcfatigue, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. telarcfatigue


    Mar 16, 2002
    Saw Joey Defrancesco last night; of course a bassless gig---
    thanks to his left hand-I love the B-3, I have one, I love Jimmy Smith, etc. but I sure would have liked to have heard a real bass on last nights set-Pat Martino and Joey played here in LA--Of course he is amazing as an organist, and his left / right hand seperation is unreal; but I guess somewhere along the way organists just figured out they could "fill" the shoes of a bass with ease--I think not; Joey's bass lines were nice, but of course were executed in basically one octave of the organ, with little excitement or variation. And he stomped on the same bass pedal regardess of the tune, the "B" pedal--In fact his whole set was executed in an egocentric manner, with the crowd expected to "go wild" when he turns on the choral mode on the Leslie, or played a super-turbo lick.
    Jazz was math last night--------
    As a sidenote, I saw Buster Williams on the same stage a few weeks back; now that was amazing--He is one of the slickest bassmen I've ever seen, and with Lenny White on drums, this was a rhythym section to be reckoned with. Simply amazing-
    Oh well, Joey D may have walked his own basslines, but he did not replace a bass player by any means---- IMO

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