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Saw russ_4ft's band

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. Yup, I saw 4ft Fingers on New Years Eve at the Witchwood, my local rock/metal pub. They were supporting a ska-punk group whose lead singer sounded a lot like Lily Savage :D. Anyway, 4ft Fingers were pretty decent, a lot better than most bands that wander throught the Witchwood, but they received a dismal crowd reaction due to most people being there for the New Year's festivities, plus people don't really buy punk anymore round here. Russ's Sterling was particularly tasty, and he had a pretty decent bass solo. His drummer also has amazing hair;).

    What was the name of the headliner band anyway Russ?

  2. Hey man!

    you shouldve come and said hello to me! the other band were called 'zen baseballbat' and theyre ok, a bit boring!

    I was really drunk when we played, mainly because the crowd. I agree with you that the crowd werent really there to see the live music but what the hell, we got £300 for it.

    Did u notice the problem im havin with my sound?

    - Russ
  3. Yeah, I only remembered who you were after I saw the Merch stand. Couldn't find you after that. I was wearing a Sepultura T-shirt with a short sleeve Japanese symbol shirt over the top. I was stood near the bar for most of your set, trying to get a drink:D. I like to stand there for a little while, I get the full sound of the band,what with the PA in the place developing its sound at about 20 feet.

    Your bass was a little quiet at first, that I noticed, but then your guitarist gave a shout to the soundguy(Dunno his name, he's one of my mates boyfriends and he plays keys in Metalliquor, a tribute band thats Ashton-local). He gave you a boost, heard you a little better from then on. I didn't notice anything suspicious about the bass, and if I didn't then no-one else did(I constantly listen to the bass at gigs, I'd know if anything was seriously wrong). That place has really loud stuff for such a small venue, you could get away with no PA, just drums and half-stacks.

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