Saw Testament and Anthrax Last Night

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by ebonalley, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. ebonalley


    May 17, 2010
    Are they approaching 50? Yes. Does Joey Belladonna have a hairpiece? Yes. Do they still put on a killer show? Absolutely.

    I saw Testament and Anthrax last night in Austin and these two bands still bring it. Chuck Billy still has a demanding presence on the stage while Alex Scholnick demonstrated his premiere playing ability. Although I was a bit concerned about their bassist who appeared a bit thin and in need of a few cheeseburgers.

    Anthrax was amazing. Scott Ian and Frank Bello are ageless wonders “war dancing” throughout the show. Also Joey Belladonna did a great job getting the (understandably older) crowd into the show. Finally, it was pleasure to watch Rob Caggiano display some superb guitar work.

    If you’re a classic thrash fan, this is a perfect time to see these bands. Big stadium shows simply do not compare to the small club experience. Tickets were $37 and the crowds were manageable enough to make it to the front row with use of only minimal aggression. Most importantly, they sound as good as ever even after 30 years in the business.
  2. A BIG +1, saw Testament a year or 2 back at the Fillmore in San Fran and was blown away, while most classic thrash bands like them are showing and sounding their age, ie; Tom Araya can't hit those highs, James Hetfield... well, yeah, etc etc, Testament sounded better live than they did on studio recordings they did more than 20 years ago! :bassist::bassist::bassist:

    And though I saw Anthrax probably back in 2006, I just remember being blown away by them, Frank Bello became an instant bass hero of mine! The guys a MANIAC onstage!!!
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