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saw victor wooten last night

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by i like tictacs, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. let me tell you

    when i got there, i was a little bummed out

    cause it started off with some horrible, horrible wankery that did not sound good at all. there were three basses on stage. regi wooten, victor wooten and anthony wellington. basically a wankfest. once the wanking got over it got good. really good. it became more of a victor leading on bass thing.

    then came the solos.

    regi wooten wanked his guitar.

    a girl named Divinity, who is really good looking mind you, picked up a modulus and just ****ing slapped the hell out of it for her solo. i was impressed.

    joeseph wooten played a pretty cool piece on the keyboard.

    there was a drum wank solo. it was great but i couldn't see the drums because of the angle i was looking at the stage from.

    and then vic came, and did a pretty crazy loop solo. after he got done beating his bass he turned off the loop and put his fingers right over the fifth fret. even though he had his tenor bass, i thought, there is no possible way he is going to do amazing grace, he hardly EVER played it sicne 2000. i was shocked and my mouth was on the floor the whole time as he busted into his amazing rendition of that song. he funked the **** out of it. that ended the solos and the encore started a bit later. the encore was awesome, it was basically 7 or so songs segued into one another.

    i dont remember the order but it was something like these songs:

    you can't hold no groove
    pretty little lady
    what did he say
    the sinister minister
    me and my bass guitar

    and a whole lot of wankery in general. that was the encore. basically, a bassists dream.

    he took out some stunt bass that was a fodera with a modulus neck (i basically got my pants good and wet) and had it attached to a bungee cord. he was throwing around his head and slide it across the floor ( i was cringing ) and would fling it back to him, and throw it in the air and fling it and flip it and other antics... amazing he didn't knock his teeth out on half the stunts he did throwing that bass around.

    i'd say, the concert was good overrall and definatley not a waste of money. it was 1/3rd amazing, 1/3rd decent, and 1/3rd wankery with no musical merit whatsoever. not that i can do any of it, but i know what sounds good. and regy on the guitar doing "WEEDLY WEEDLY WEEDLY WEEE" 64th notes at 200 bpm isn't my thing.

    but if he is in the area, you should definatley check it out. i have pictures from my second row seats soon.


    Jan 25, 2005
    Des Moines, IA

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