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    These are fairly uncommon and great basses. Beautiful condition, and a real surprise to hear a Stingray in a fretless format. Completely original, and currently wearing newer DR flats Cosmetically nearly perfect. The only signs of wear are the little superficial "spiral" markings on the lined fingerboard from when it was wearing roundwounds, and a couple of minor chipping up against the fretless lines. Otherwise just some normal chrome wear. Photos tell the full story. Surprisingly versatile in tone, It is the "CLASSIC ACTIVE" (CA) because it has the classic Stingray 2-band active EQ. It comes in an aftermarket hard case, as I believe these were sold without cases. WARNING!!! This is not a light bass. Probably about 10 lbs. I play sitting down so was never an issue for me.
    HURRY!! $600.00 shipped FEDEX CONUS.

    The Classic Active Series basses deliver old school vibe and looks for the vintage enthusiast. Lightweight slab bodies (no belly or forearm contours).

    The glossy amber tinted neck features a narrow 38 mm nut width, 34” scale and 21 thin vintage style frets. The finish is a hard glossy coat that exudes the vibe and look of an older instrument.

    Featuring a lined rosewood fretboard, this addition to our bass lineup is available in ALL Ray34CA finishes. Ray34CAFL shares all of the Same specifications and compliments Of the RAY34CA, but in Fretless Version

    Music Man designed 2 band active preamp features volume, treble and bass controls. The preamp and pickup were re-voiced for this model, for a more organic feel and are noise free. Includes soft case.

    • Scale:34”
    • Nut Width:38mm
    • Neck Width, 12th fret:55mm
    • Body Wood:Ash
    • Neck Wood:Maple
    • Fretboard Wood:Rosewood (SVM, VC, MG) Maple (BK, 3TS)
    • Tuning Machines:Open
    • Hardware: Chrome
    • Neck Joint: 6 Bolt
    • Frets:21
    • Fretboard Radius:12”
    • Pickup Selector:N/A
    • Pickups:Alnico Humbucker, SBMM Design
    • Bridge:Fixed, SBMM Design
    IMG_2876.JPG IMG_2877.JPG IMG_2878.JPG IMG_2879.JPG IMG_2880.JPG IMG_2881.JPG IMG_2882.JPG IMG_2883.JPG IMG_2884.JPG IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2886.JPG IMG_2887.JPG IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2889.JPG IMG_2890.JPG Ray34CA FL.JPG
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    Apr 7, 2013
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    In SoCal? Anywhere near West Hollywood?
  3. lala

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    Jul 16, 2014
    Not too far! In tarzana! If you really want it, you may want to act right away, as another TB'er wants it and lives in Pasadena. He wants to meet me in Studio City on Sept 10th, but he is on the road until then. I told him if doesn't hold it with a token deposit I will continue the listing. I think he's going to lose it. Either to you or someone else in the next 10 days. I could meet you in Studio City as well. Either on the corner of Ventura/Laurel Canyon or Ventura Coldwater Canyon. Just let me know.
  4. Nice fretless. Really nice range. I would rock ‘em both, but I’ve already got 3 fretless and one range.
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    Jan 5, 2020
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    Still available?
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