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Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by gennasus, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. gennasus


    Apr 26, 2009
    Has anyone actually ever come across a bass by scarampella? I have a bass which bears his label (1903) and which would appear to share the characteristics of his violins

    ta much
  2. Can you show a photo please!

    It seems unlikely but I hope it is real. You would need to have some experts take a look.

    Have you asked Ken Smith? Try Ken's Corner.
  3. Wow. When I played in Brescia, Italy with Pharoah Sanders in about 1981, I was honored to get the chance to look at a Gasparo DaSalo and a Paolo Maggini bass by the college of music. The two gentlemen who made this possible were both affiliated with the college and were very astute in luthiery. They went on and on about Scarampella, who was also Brescian. They compared his work to Guadagini, who's name Kenny Boy Smith loves to use: "Guadagini...LOL!LOL!!!:hyper::eek::smug:LOL!!"
    Anyway, one of these guys said there was a player in town who owned one, but we didn't have time to get together.
    If you are lucky enough to have a real one, it is BIG-TIME. However, if Scarampella's work is revered as much as I hear, it may be a copy of one of his patterns. What does "his" label look like? What is the pattern...gamba, violin, guitar or busetto?
    As my man Ken (McKay) asks, do you have pctures? Please post if you do! Also, as he says, Ken Smith will more than likely dazzle you with any knowledge available about Scarampella. If you do post pics, include: Scroll (head on, and side including machines.) One full side shot. Full back shot and front shot. A close shot of one of the F holes, AND if you can, a shot of the inside label.
    Just curious...I checked your profile. Welcome to TBDB. Are you a player? Tell us more.
  4. Michael Glynn

    Michael Glynn

    Feb 25, 2004
    I saw and played a (supposed) Scarampella a little while back. It was labeled from his early period when he was still in Brescia. A beautiful and wonderful sounding bass. Not very big, violin cornered, darkish varnish. Sounded equally spectacular arco and pizz. Really, it was one of my favorite basses I have ever played.

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