scary problem with my set up

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  1. Here is a little background first. I play bass in my bedroom with my bass amp head into my bass cab. I also play my guitar through my guitar amp head into my bass cab. This has been working out ok for bedroom use up until today. Today when i put down the bass, I unpluged everything and switched it so i could play my guitar amp into the bass cab. Now all of a sudden I get no sound or anything. I could take the cable out of my guitar jack and i wouldn't even get a popping sound. I did how ever get a popping sound when taking the cable out of the actual amp. I tried plugging my bass amp back in and everything and the same thing happened. i took the cable out of the bass and got no popping sound or anything. I rubbed the tip of the cable on some metal stuff and it didnt make any weird noise like it should, but if i rubbed the sides of the cable where that ring around it goes, i got a faint sound. I am hoping so bad that this is just a freak dead cable accident and has nothing to do with my amps instruments or cab. plllease help me here. if you need any more info ill tell you :crying:
  2. i took another look around. on my cable, there is a hole with a bucnh of frayed copper wire sticking out. i think this is probaly the root of the problem. i have no idea how it suddenly ripped like that. the copper isnt cut in half though, its just exposed and mangled. i would think seeing as it looks still connected that current could still flow through though. :eyebrow:
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    IME, 9 times out of 10 the "no sound" problem is caused by a faulty cable or a dead battery.