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Scenario. With one question, 2 answers.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by munkeyfish, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Scenario:

    You are playing in the local battle of the bands. Made it to the finals. The prize: $1500 cash, Front cover and main articular of the local music magazine (free and well written magazine and widely read) And couple other neat things including a block of recording time at very nice local studio with some well known local engineers/producers.

    You and your band have only 20 min to showcase your talent, and about 10-15 between bands, that the band before has to pull their gear off and you have to set up.

    No sound check, No PA support (PA for vocals only and sounds like poo anyways). Stage is small, room is all kinds of odd shape with a huge bar and the place can hold about 100+ maybe more. "Stage" is maybe 6-8" off the floor and maybe 15'x20' ish. Room to dance in front and tables to the sides. Some colored lights and smoke machines too.

    Here is the question with 2 answers.

    What rig would you use with the idea of get on and hit and get the hell out of there real fast like. Has to be real easy to move and loud enough to carry the room with a moderate to loud drummer and loud guitar or two with no PA support. Include any pedals you think you need too.

    Which rig if money was no object?

    Which rig if your budget was say $1500-$2000 or less?

    Lets have some fun.
  2. IPYF


    Mar 31, 2011
    I'd suggest that the promoter arrange a backline from a reputable local dealer for all the bands to use. That would level the playing field, help out the sound guy infinitely and remove any changeover time for bands apart from cymbals and pedalboards.

    I'm sorry to pour cold water on your game, but this is legitimately what we do when we have to play a gig with more than 3 bands present on the bill. Stage management is more important than getting a good amplifier. Making the sound guy work with 11 different bass amps on any one night is a good way to make him lose interest in a good sound right quick.

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