Schack basses

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  1. Ever since I started playing I've been intrigued by Schack basses, and since I got the Internet I've searced for a website dedicated to these instruments. But I'm yet to find one. All the other German makes (Human Bass, Bassline, BassLab, Esh e t c) are easily found, but not Schack. Does anyone have any Schack links to share with me? (it doesn't matter if they're in German BTW)

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  3. Thank you. Now I've got GAS again. Anyone knows how much the Uniqute Bolt Ons are (in Euros preferably)? I've tried one many years ago, and it was the best sounding and feeling bass I've tried...
    And, at the time, it was cheaper than a Warwick as well (but then again, Warwick'd just started making their bolt-on line about then).