Schaller Humbuckers Guru Question - Carl Thompson Bass

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    Hello. I have a 1975 Carl Thompson bass. I got it in a trade, and the person I got it from Modded it, but included the original electronics. I am trying to get the bass back to it's Original configuration. But even CT himself isn't sure how to do it anymore. So!

    Here is a picture of the body & electronics.


    The top switch is a "Standby", On / Off switch. The 2 DPDT's were On/Off/On. I believe they were wired Series / Off / Parallel, 1 switch per pickup. But the pickups only seem to have 2 wires. Knobs are Vol / Vol Tone.

    CT proposed connecting it with the 2 wires, then adding a capacitor to the other "ON" selection the give a Bass Boost.

    Any of you Guru's know how to get a setup that would give me Series / Off(Got that one!) Parallel (Kinda got that one too...)