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schecter basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gbenner, May 20, 2001.

  1. gbenner


    May 20, 2001
    ocean, new jersey
    i just started playing bass again after a short 25 year
    break.i could use some help.im looking at a schecter
    bass the robert deleo model,and i never heard of schecter
    before.it plays and sounds great but how do they hold up.
    im looking for a bass for blues and classic rock(thats what
    old bass players play).any help would be great.thanks in
    advance. george benner
  2. rllefebv


    Oct 17, 2000
    Newberg, Oregon
    Schecter started out making replacement parts for Fender type guitars. Pete Townshend used to play Schecter Tele's with The Who awhile back. Never played the DeLeo model bass, but it gets a good review in Bass Player... I know I'm in for some flaming for that one :D

    Has some of that early P-Bass vibe, and supposedly weighs in at just under a ton, so it should be able to cut the mustard on a blues gig.

  3. dsmith


    Mar 29, 2001
    Mt. Vernon, KY
    I purchased a new schecter elite 5 a couple of months ago, and have been wanting to post a review for the bass but I have not figured out just how to do that just yet. I love the bass, it has very good (low) action, a very tight B string, and is very easy to play. Mine is equipped with emg hz's, and as far as sound, I couldn't find another bass that can keep up with it in its price range. I don't really expect the gold hardware to last as long as black or chrome, but I like the looks of the gold with the amberburst quilt. I could have purchased anything I wanted in the $1000.00 and under price range, and I am happy with my schecter. The only think I really am not happy with is the hardshell case, I am a not a fan of molded hardshell cases but the schecter case just doesn't fit the bass like I would like it to. You have to make sure the bass is in the case perfectly before the lid will close, and as soon as I find a nice tweed case that will fit, I will buy it. As far as long term durability, we will see, but the bass seems to be built well, and should hold up. When I removed the backplate to inspect the electronics, everything was clean, and secured as well as any other bass I have seen.

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