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Schecter Omen-5?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by OItoTHEbass, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Ive got an Essex Jbass at the moment but Im about to buy something new and Im thinking about the Omen 5... actually Im pretty set on this one. Has anyone had any good/bad experience with it, or can you recommend something else in the $400 price range? It has everything Im looking for, active pickups, sleek design, 5 string and its right for my budget. Ive also looked at an Ibanez EDC715, but Ive ruled that one out. thanks for any in-put on the situation

    oh yea, I actually have around $550 but I MUST HAVE A HARDSHELL CASE with it, so if you know of something around $500 with a hardshell case.....
  2. I was recently looking at Schecters. Man, don't hesitate a bit. They are simply awesome.

    I just wish I could have gotten the C4 Elite I was looking at.

  3. i own the schecter omen 5 in black. for the price, it is extremely versatile, and sounds great in pretty much any situation (i use it for my metal band, my prog band, and my school jazz band).

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