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  1. So i've been looking for a new 5 string recently, one to play metal with, specifically the Parallax type tones with INTERVALS type music. I have a few requirements: 2 pickups, active, and 35" inch scale (also below 800ish dollars). I have narrowed it down to two options: A sire M7 (or an M5) and a Schecter Stilletto Stealth. Which one do you guys think would be better for that type of music?
  2. Dan B

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    Oct 19, 2008
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    Even though I am a bit of a Schecter fanboy (my first bass is my Schecter C-4), I personally would go with the Sire M5 (or M7 if you want the matching headstock, offset dot inlays, and fancy top), for the fact that Sires have those extensive preamps they use, plus you get coil splitting and active/passive switching. That said, I will add two more options: the Schecter Session series which have 3 band preamps and EMG pickups (though the Model T has a 2 band), and the upcoming Solar Type AB bass.
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    Nothing against Schecter, but my vote is for the Sire for bang-for-the-buck and preamp flexibility. Then again, I'm biased. ;)