SOLD Schecter Progauge Series Mustang Bass Made in Japan (for repair)

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    I've got this a while ago as part of a trade and the truss rod is broken.
    The bass is in overall great condition but needs a new truss rod and pickup.
    I spoke to my local tech and he said it can be done removing the fretboard and it would cost about $300 for the repair but I won't use this bass so I'd figured I'd put it up for sale here and see if anyone would be interested in a cool project.
    This bass was made for the Japanese market only and it's very rare even in Japan.
    It needs the truss rod repair and pickup. Harness is inside.
    Shipping CONUS included on the sale.
    Could consider trades for Darkglass pedals depending on the pedal value we can work something out.
    IMG_20210830_212354.jpg IMG_20210830_212438.jpg IMG_20210830_212410.jpg IMG_20210830_212454.jpg IMG_20210830_212035.jpg IMG_20210830_212510.jpg IMG_20210830_212422.jpg IMG_20210830_212446.jpg IMG_20210830_211717.jpg IMG_20210830_211742.jpg

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