Schecter troubles distortion

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  1. bassgal


    Jan 15, 2005
    Hi all,I posted this in the other forum but I will try here too:

    Hi all,
    I have a new Schecter C-4. I have had it about 6 months. For the last few weeks. I have been getting this "buzzing/distortion" sound on the E string A and G notes. It sounds exaclty like a battery going dead when I fret only those notes. The notes distort when being played, then all of a sudden the distortion quits and the note rings clean.

    It is not like fret buzz, it does not buzz when the pups are off. I have changed the battery twice. They both tested good. I looked in the wiring cavity and gave the wires a little wiggle while the note was distorting. Nothing changed.

    I have also turned both pickup volumes while the note is distorting also no change other than to shut the sound off. What I mean is no scratchhiness.

    I have played it in two different amps and it does it in both amps.
    I put on a new set of Elixers to see if it was the strings.

    It is intermittent. It just seems to happen randomly. Although it seems to happen more often after I have been playing for awhile.

    The other day it started happening a lot. So I changed the battery. And it quit (battery tested fully charged). I have played for maybe 2 hours total on the current battery and it is doing it again today during practice.

    Thanks for ay ideas or advice