Schecter USA Jazz

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  2. ibanezcollector

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    Feb 18, 2007
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    I like it wonder what it plays like, not a fan of the import Schecters but that does look nice.
  3. lefty007


    Jan 19, 2004
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    I briefly tried one a few years ago. Ash body with a nice rubbed turquoise finish, maple neck and board. The fretwork was as good as it gets, with a fretwire similar to what Lakland uses. The frets were shiny and the fret ends round and polished like mercury drops.

    The pickups were hot (they use those pickups with like double the amount of polepieces than a regular Jazz pickup).

    I thought the quality was on par with Lakland, Sadowsky, or what-you-may-think. That one had a satin finish all over, so it had none of the classic Jazz feel, but a very hand-made vibe.

    I got it new-old-stock for $1000 -- ridiculous price, but I returned it because it wasn't disclosed that it had a P-Bass width neck (on a Jazz body), and I only like 1.5"-nut width on 4-strings.

    I can't understand why Schecter Custom Shop is not more popular.
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    A local shop used to carry made in USA Schecters and my assessment from playing a few of them completely agrees with lefty007. On par with Lakland or Lull or -gasp- even Sadowsky for the really nice ones. More vintagey as far as pickups/eq, I think they were mostly passive.
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    Shecter US basses are very high quality. I love the PJs. So does Robert DeLeo from STP. One of the great rock bassists.
  6. I have one I bought in 1981, a P built to pre-CBS specs out of teak with a birdseye maple fretless neck. It cost me $1850, which was a hell of a lot of money at the time. It's now a P/J with a Warmoth fretted neck on it. I'll never sell it, and it plays really well, but now I am middle-aged it's just too damn heavy.

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    Thats what I hear alot, we just dont seem to see very many in this part of the country.
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    That bass is aaaamazing....

    If only it had 5 strings.:meh:
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    Believe the hype. I've got a mid-1980's Schecter USA, I think they called this model the "B/4", it's basically their rear-routed Jazz Bass clone from the "California Custom" days. I had played two or three other basses like this in the past & thought they were stellar, absolutely top notch Fender-killers. So when I found this one in 1994, I grabbed it...traded a 1980 Veilette-Citron for it.

    Best equipment purchase I've ever made in my life. Period. You couldn't pry this bass from my cold dead hands.

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  11. even the fact that my diamond series schecter is the best bass ive ever played for 500 dollars seems to suggest that the people at schecter must obviously know what they are doing. it doesnt surprise me that their custom shop models are top notch.