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    Hey everyone. My band is about to embark on the facebook live thing. I'm planning on creating an event page for the show. However I've read that if you do create and schedule a live event then you can't stream it from your phone, it has to be from your computer.
    Is there any truth to this? I can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere

  2. I don't know the answer, but I do know that every live event I've tried to watch has had problems getting started because of technical issues. So let me suggest you do a dry run just to try everything out, then delete it and get set for the real one.

    Let me add, that what I've seen so far is that the band creates and event and plans to post a live video on their page. So what happens is that people end up going to the event page and think there will be a link or something there. There is no link. You will have to get the word out that they will need to go to your main page and then click on "videos". Also, make that whoever's phone you use knows how to set it up so it broadcasts on your band page. I've seen many where the video starts on someone's personal page by mistake.

    Also, make sure the phone is oriented the correct way (horizontally) before you start. Once a live video starts you can't change the orientation. I've seen it where they started the vertical way and then tilted the phone, which means the picture was coming to us sideways.
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    I literally just posted one yesterday. My wife re-tilted the phone after a few moments, I lost widescreen, but it still worked. Make sure to do a dry run. I did mine off of my Pixel 3 - with recorded material and my bass tone, it worked nicely. If I added more band members, the mic on the phone would likely have distorted. The Event will not have the link - correct. I ended up starting the video on the page itself - I think it was through a brand new post? My wife did it quickly, so I did not see it. I tilted my phone to the left for widescreen - that did not work on the Pixel 3. Try moving the orientation to the right on your phone. That should work.

    I made sure my basses had enough 200hz to 5khz material in it - it comes through better on the recording. When people play it through cheap PC speakers or even their phones, it still sounds like bass! It lacks low end, but it sounded plenty mean. Let me know if you have further questions.