Schematic for GK 400RB

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  1. seven-7


    Dec 3, 2002
    Hi, all.

    Does anyone have a schematic for a '89 GK 400RB? I mixed up the send and return jacks on the back panel while cleaning the amp. I don't know which one is which. :(

    BTW, my amp sounds great! :D
    I have a new Bag End S12-D cab that I use with the GK. My bass is a Fender Classic 60s Jazz reissue, the recent MIM one.

    Here's a pic:
  2. If you don't mind spending the jing, you can get them from GK for about $15.00 That's what I did for my 800 and my 200 rcb.


    and here's a link to their contact page.

    GK support

    Take care

  3. seven-7


    Dec 3, 2002
    OK, being no one has a schematic... maybe someone can take the side panel off their 400RB and tell me which jack (send or return) has the orange wire and the blue wire? Sorry, I am not a techie and I can't exactly look at the circuit and figure out which is which...:(