Schizo Combo?

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  1. Okay maybe I'm the Schizo.

    My 23 yr. old Gorilla GB30 has finally bit the dust (Thank God!!!) Was thinking about a Baby Baby Blue as a replacement. Found a demo for less than $700, shipped. Then I find an Eden DC112XLT demo for less than $900, shipped. The Eden is more a schiz due to more power and capability gig wise and power wise. Also I've read mixed reviews about their power section's reliability. Either would suffice direct out at a gig. I'm just looking for that modern tone with light weight. 5 string friendly a must.

    Right now my main rig is a Genz Benz GBE 600 and the 2x12 NEOX, Ken Smith Burner 5, and my favorite Skjold Design Pro 5fretless. I think the head is going bye bye when Pete comes out with his preamp. In other words I've got a large rig. Just looking for a smaller, lighter, more portable, hi-fi, do all. No I'm not. Yes I am.....
  2. Btw, I've looked at both of these in other threads, but nobody seems to mention them in the same breath. Maybe Tom Bowlus could.
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    Get the Eden. It's made in Minnesota, by good people from farm country, and they really stand by their products. Excellent customer relations and service!
  4. Okay +1 for Eden. Isn't the SWR american made as well?
  5. Was looking at the Working Pro 12 combo (SWR), hecho en Mexico. Kinda lost interest when I saw internal impedance at 4 ohms.
  6. bump only once I promise
  7. Hey Tom, getin ready to spend, any thoughts?