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  1. Im a regular electric bass player and have been playing for a while and have never played upright bass. I wanted to get practice with my bass and since my school had upright I thought, why not try it? The thing is, i dont know where to start. I need help on posture, plucking, finger positioning, and any cool tips or tricks i can use to impress my orchestra teacher. What are the differences between electric and double bass playing wise? thanks every1
  2. Lovebown


    Jan 6, 2001
    Get a teacher.

  3. Check out the newbie links--there is a lot of wisdom there. Also, be prepared to hear the "get a teacher" line a lot. It is sound advice as you will discover the Big Fiddle is a completely different instrument than an electric. Don't even think about "cool tips or tricks" yet. You will find that just learning to hold the thing up and get a decent sound will provide a challenge for a while. Good luck.