Schroder Mini 12 vs. Mini 12+

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  1. Okay..I could only get halfway through the Schroeder thread so I apologize if this has bee addressed before. Is there a big difference in the high end response of the mini 12 vs the 12+ The price for the mini 12 is nice, but the 12+ is a bit out of range for me right now. Am I going to miss that tweeter?
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    dude, i just got the mini 12+. it totally rocks! i doubt you will be disappointed!

    I was in the same low money sitch as you and was going to buy the hornless, but then i found a mini 12+ in craiglist for $475 which was two weeks old.

    the horn does make a noticeable difference, but if i didnt have one i think i could live without it. i only turn it up to about 9 oclock.

    if you have eq you may be able to add some highs etc, but i find that there are still some highs etc without the horn. i guess it depends on your tastes. if you are all about lows i dont think you'll miss the horn. the next mini 12 i buy will have no horn. although, i may just buy the 1212.