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Schroeder 1210 - U5 and QSC

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassJunkie730, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    So here is my first experience with the Schro.

    Ladt night I went into my studio space armed with a 1210 that I pcked up right here on TB. My first impression was "GIG" worthy - the cabinet is very solid, compact, and seemingly bombproof. I have yet to pop the back off to see what gauge wire Jorg uses but my guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 awg to handle the power these babies can take. Also in my space is a Bergie NV610.

    My test rig is an Avalon U5 (with the tone bypassed) into a QSC PLX1602, I also had some fun with a sansamp BDDI infront of the Avalon.

    My two test basses were Ps. A fretless MIJ/MIM mut (the frets were ripped out)with Flats and the trusty Dirnt Bass with cheapo rounds.

    I used only one side of PLX (clip limiter on and 50Hz filter on - I play four string and I was going for punch rather than fundamentals) for the 1210 for fear that any bridged peaking would do some damage. So I drove the cab with 500w RMS rather than 1600w RMS.

    First impression: LOUD!! :bassist: for it's size this guy has a lot to say. I plugged in the fretless first. Immediately I was shaking everything in the room. However- I was getting lots of cliping from my amp - Eh that happens with the PLX's. But the sound was very thumpy - and somewhat undefined (I attribute that to the bass used) I did notice the low mid drone some guys have pointed out here. To me it was more of a coloration than an overall presence. I'm still learning how to listen properly to bass gear as I'm only a recent lowend convert (9 months and counting). With my dirnt bass - the sound definitely cleared up so that tells me the cab doesn't color the sound as much as I thought. The Dirnt sounded very punchy and clear with the 1210. I found the cab perfromed better the more watts you pile on- so eventually I'd like to power it at the rated 850W, or at least hear what it sounds like with a conventional power supply. My final impression of the cab solo was "CUT" rather than "THUMP" and it had quite a Low mid presence. Makes me eager to hear what it'll sound like with the band.

    A/B and combined with the Bergantino NV610:

    The bergie had more cut and overall punchy volume when compared to the 1210 - so don't get this if you think you can replace a 610 with it. BUT...
    the Schro had more lows and it could hang with the bergie's overall volume - I didn't notice MUCH loss of volume when I switched between cabs. The tone on the berg was more of a high mid punch and the 1210 - a low mid punch.
    SO... I thought - combine the two!
    Result - OMG!! Anyof you out there that have a 610 especially the NV- get a schroeder 1210 or 1212. You'll easily achieve a volume and clarity that had me hurting. I play in a loud rock band - and with the P-basses - this combo was KILLER! I added the BDDI and the cabs went from a mid punch to a rediculous scooped - separated wall of DOOM. Now this sounded great alone but I suspect the resulting tone would not have as much cut. But man is this combo loud. I'm a big fan of bass rig that sound ugly when out of a mix because from my (paltry) live and recording experiences the resulting bass presence is felt in the right places. I think I'm going to strike a deal with the guy that has the Bergie and see if we can use this combined rig for rehearsal and possibly live use - he uses an old stingray so I'm sure he'd love it too.

    It'll be another week until my band meets again to let me test the 1210 in a live mix. Plus my room is pretty dead (small, carpeted, and acoustic panels with some crappy high freq reflection depending where you stand) so I can't imagine how well the 1210 would fill a club.

    My question regarding my current setup (U5 - PLX - 1210) is how do I get some more Oomph? I've been toying with either getting a mini 12 or building a Tuba 24. Clearly the tuba would destroy the mini 12 in the lower reaches, but the size difference would be great (16 inches cubed versus 24 inches cubed) and the tuba would not be full range (obviously)- so would I get more volume with the tuba overall or just more extension? As far as price and power goes they are pretty much the same as I'll be running them off the other side of my QSC.

  2. rabass6

    rabass6 Commercial User

    Jun 3, 2004
    Owner, Groovemania.it
    Hey, if the Bergantino is a 6x10" cab, it isn't so fair to compare it with a cab 1/3 of the drivers.
    Again, it's amazing that a 1210 can put out a lot of deep, clear and defined low end.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!
  3. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    My point exactly, Sure the 6x10 is going to beat out with overall volume and it really edged out the 1210 in Punch. But I noticed a distinct GRUNT in the 1210 that the NV610 didn't have. Now the real winner comes in combining the two.

    I still can't get over the rediculous overall clear volume. The NV610 and Schroeder 1210 combo just blew my mind especially for the P-bass. I wager that a 1212 would sound even better because of the deep round Low mid added to the NV610s natural uppermid punchiness.

    However I found myself wanting that sound so much that when I went back tto just 1210- found it "lacking" - obviously! So now I'm considering what I can do to still keep my rig compact but add more volume and girth. I was thinking about a a bag end 15 or something like it. But the mini 12 it VERY tempting, so is building a tuba 24.
    IN MY opinion the Tuba would add an incredible low end extension (allowing me to have no good reason not to string BEAD) but It's considerably bigger than the mini 12.

    Ahhhh choices.
  4. rabass6

    rabass6 Commercial User

    Jun 3, 2004
    Owner, Groovemania.it
    hey, a 1210 and 1212 combo is TERRIFIC.
    I tested it with my AI Focus, and the two cabs complemented each others in a wonderful way, the 1212 keeping charge ot the lowest frequencies, and the 1210 adding punch and definition in the midrange.
    And we're talking about portability...give it a try, you won't be disappointed

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