SOLD Schroeder 20812PL cabinet

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  1. WarwickThunder


    Jun 10, 2013
    Allen, TX
    Trying to downsize and put some money in my pocket.
    For sale my pristine, mint condition(almost new) Schroeder 20812PL 4 ohm cabinet. Nothing wrong with it, actually the best cab I ever had. It’s just that I need money to pay some medical bills. I hope it finds a good home. Asking $800 + $40 for shipping
    Included cover and Eich amp fixing.
    From Schroeder’s page

    Custom B&C neo neodymium drivers

    Fully adjustable 200 Watts RMS heavy duty titanium bullet horn

    Dual neutrik inputs

    35 Hz – 20khz

    4 or 8 ohm

    1400 Watts RMS

    103 dB SPL @ 1W/1M

    51 lbs.

    20.5”W x 25”H x 15”D

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