SOLD SCHROEDER 212Pl Cabinet - excellent condition !!

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    For sale a professionnal bass guitar cabinet speaker made by SCHROEDER in the USA. Model 212PL - 4 ohms - 1000 watts. It has 2X12 inch speakers with a tweeter. For those who want quality with portability, this is what you need. At 38 pounds, this is super easy to carry around at rehearsals or gigs!

    The SCHROEDER cabs are all made in the USA with US parts, nothing compared to the cheapo gear made overseas.

    The Cab is in dead mint condition, never gigged, just stayed in the studio.

    I no longer play regularly and currently am selling most of my gear.

    Asking 695$ (US Funds)plus shipping. I have the original box and will therefore be well packed. One would pay well over 1350$ (CDN funds)here in Canada for those cabs brand new direct. No trades offers, no Low ball offers either.

    Specs: 12 Gauge Heavy Duty Diamond Shaped Grill; Two Custom 12” B&C Neodymium Woofers 200 Watts Titanium Bullet Tweeter Dual Speakon In/Out 40 Hz - 18 kHz 4 or 8 Ohm 1000 Watts Rms 102 dB [email protected] 1W/1M

    DSCN2229.JPG DSCN2230.JPG DSCN2231.JPG
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    Unfortunately, you are a few miles too far. Great cab!! GLWS
  3. Still here with me and ready to go in its original shipping carton box! I honestly cannot believe it is still with me, the cab is dead mint and ready to rock!
  4. Sold locally, not on TB.
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