Schroeder 410 and heavier music.

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  1. I know I have been posting a lot of stuff about amps lately but I have been stuck. I love the sound of the 810 but...its heavy. I was considering a schroeder 410. Are they good for rock? Lets say I was driving it with a Mesa 400+ and playing metalcore/hardcore. I am also getting a Sansamp within the next week. How will it sound? Are the Schroeders punchy and good for heavier music or are they more of a jazz and R&B amp? They seem interresting because they have all tens like I like and seem to be loud as hell at the lightest weight possible. Help me out here.

    Or what are some good amps for rock at the 1000 dollar range new?
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    These speakers will do whatever you want them to. I play in a hard rock/metal band and it gives me everything I need.

    I would definately use it in your style. I go to -core shows ever few months and have seen some of the bigger acts, but I've yet to hear the bass in any band.... :bawl:

    Get the schroeder, you'll be a god among them. They will actually hear you.

    (the bassists I have seen are generally using 8x10.....I've never heard any of them play......I also hate 90% of their technique...which is swat in the general area of the strings with a pick....the lack of technique hurts them also)
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    The Schroeder 410 is and incredible cab-it will handle 1400 watts without flinching and will be wayyyy louder than any 1400 watts of cabs that you've heard-you'll hear yourself,and your mistakes, :eek: so practice :bassist: harder if your up to the Schroeder...Peace...DAcat :cool:
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    Well, Have a listen to my band ( link below) and tell me what you think. I did not use my Schroeder 410 in the studio, but its all I use live and in rehearsal, and my guitarists hate me for it.....
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    As a comparison, I have a budget version 2 x 12 and a schroeder 4 x 10. While the Schroeder costs almost 4 times as much, the efficiency difference pays for itself. I am amazed at how much more volume I get at the same amp settings from the Schroeder cab. I haven't had it long enough to invetigate all the tonal capabilities, but there a bunch of posts in the the Schroder megathread about how people have used these. I can't imagine it coming up short under many circumstances.
  6. Not my kind of music... but you guys are playin' the bejeebers out of it. Cool!
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    a "man-sterilizing" cab. proceed at your own risk.
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    can be as non genital threating as the tone you put into it. If your band cranks up, that's where this bottom is exceptional. The 410 is amazing. When I use it for the beginning of Emotion, No more Tears, Allright Now, My Love is Alive, Walk this Way, it's killer loud clean punchy and like a couple of others have said, you and your audience are gonna be able to hear what you're doing.

    I'm lucky to not have developed poor technique over time but it's still not perfect, especially on my left hand, but fingerstyle wise and damping strings, my right hand is as good as anyone's around here where I play. I play in a classic rock/newer classic rock type of band, several special event/dance bands (more Motown, Top 40 rock, Disco) and now a 20 piece big band of non paid, Civic volunteer musicians. Change your volume and tone slightly per each application and the 410 or 1210 would and does work perfectly for all of them.

    I try to match the cabinet to the venue moreso than the style of music. The 1210 is more than adequate on alotta my classic rock gigs in decent acoustic sounding rooms, up to a "medium sized" bar/lounge. We just played at a room about 2000 sq ft with a capacity of around 200 people and it was plenty loud and sounded really nice. We're playing at a pool hall venue with lousy acoustics on thanksgiving eve, about 7500 sq ft or more, high ceiling, no carpeting, it's a nightmare, but the 410 tames it better than the 1210. In outdoor venues, I've used both and depending on whether it's an "enclosed area" like an open sided tent, or whether it's a straight open stage, I start with the 1210 and work my way up to the 410.

    I haven't tried and don't intend to try both simultaneously on a gig.

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    Q1: Yes.
    Q2: Great.
    Q4: They work great for all kinds of music.
    Q5: Many options -- here's a few -- Thunderfunk, G-K 1001RB II, your choice of preamp (new or used) + a decent power amp (like the QSC RMX1850HD).
  10. Thanks you guys. Sent my email to Schroeder. I think the 410 would be sweet and work for anything. teh 310212 or whatever their extra large cab is is just too big. I plan on running a rack (how are schroeder racks by the way?) with power conditioner, wireless, sansamp RBI and mesa 400+. I am also thinking about getting their flight ready or roadready or whatever it is versions because we will definatlely be gigging.

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    Using a SansAmp RBI with a tube amp is one of the stupidest & most pointless things ever. :rollno: You don't NEED it with the Mesa 400+, or any tube amp for that matter.
  12. If you really need to make it compact, the Schroeder would be great. If not, I use a Bergie 610 for rock/punk/metal/alternative mostly with my 400+ and it sounds better to me than the Schroeders I have tried, and its not quite the size of an 810.
  13. Last time I checked it was most stupid not stupidest.... :rollno: