SOLD Schroeder Mini12+L Cabinet w/Custom Cover

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    Picked up this fantastic Schroeder cab in summer of 2014, when it was about 9 months old. I used it on and off over the last 3 years, mostly for pit orchestra gigs or rehearsals. Shortly after I received it, I had a custom Studio Slips cover made for it (about $65), and the cover is always on it when the cab is not in use. It still looks pretty much like new. A very small area of missing paint on the grill was touched up by previous owner, but you can't even tell in normal conditions. This is a fantastic cabinet that sounds much much larger than it is.

    I am downsizing my gear lineup and raising cash for another purchase, so this needs to go to a good home! Price is $390 shipped CONUS. NO TRADES, PLEASE.

    Driver: One 12" Custom B&C Neo Woofer
    Horn: 150 Watt Titanium Bullet Tweeter
    Inputs: Dual Speakon
    Frequency Response: 40Hz-20Khz
    Impedance: 8 Ohms
    Watts: 400
    Weight: 24 pounds w/cover
    Dimensions: 17"W x 15"H x 15"D

    JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-002.jpg JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-003.jpg JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-004.jpg JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-005.jpg JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-006.jpg JSD-171227-Schroeder_Mini12+L-001.jpg
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