Score! (Aguilar AG 500SC)

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Went to go pick up a SBMM S.U.B. Ray5 because I needed a 5er with a narrow neck and decent sound quality. When I walked into GC I saw this Aguilar sitting all by its lonesome. Tag was labeled "Scratch and Dent" and indeed it was. Rack ear a bit bent on the power switch side, small gouge in the faceplate below the indicator lights, and a dent on the upper-back corner on that same side. All hallmarks of "this was dropped from a decent height during shipping".


    Wow. Okay, that's a BIG discount for some fairly minor cosmetic damage.

    Ask to plug it in and groovulate on it. No go. "Well, it's actually a bit more scratch and dent than most - it's not sound."


    Okay,'s being sold as new "scratch and dent", though, right? Not used? No, it's not used. Warranty? No, no warranty. We could have sent it back to Aguilar but we've had it here forever and they said we'd have to pay for repair.


    Well...I know which end of a soldering iron is which...and it was dropped, not plugged into 220. I bet I can fix it.

    Bought it.

    Took it home, plugged it in...Status light comes on for a few seconds and then I hear a relay click and the status light starts blinking. Not good. That's thermal or DC fault. It's not hot, so it's probably something in the power supply. That could be easy, but may be expensive, depending on what's toast. Let's open it up. Pray that it's not the transformer.

    Nothing visibly wrong (no signs of magic smoke being let out), no blown fuses, no bulging caps. Hmmm.

    It was dropped. To me that says "mechanical" more than "electrical". I unplugged and replugged all the Molex connectors to the main circuit board and wiggled/reseated all the spade connectors. Hooked it back up. Powered it up.

    It powered up.

    Okay, maybe the lights are on now, but nobody's home. Button the case back up and take it down to hook it to speaker (Bag End S15D) and instrument (SBMM Ray34). Powered it up, opened up the gain.

    It works.

    It's like winning the lottery...and I NEVER win anything. As I told a friend, the only thing better than buying something like that for cheap and spending a few bucks to fix it up is buying something like that for cheap and spending NOTHING to fix it up. :hyper:

    Looking forward to first rehearsal with it. I just got done setting up a SansAmp RPM with a PLX1804 and REALLY like it, but I had to rob my PA system for the PLX and wouldn't kick too much if I could avoid having to buy another PLX to replace it.

    Oh yeah, and I bought the Ray5 too. Nice bass for cheap. Not as good as the Ray34, but I play a limited amount of material that requires a fiver, so I'm calling it "good enough". Setup is good to great, fit and finish is nothing to complain about, and it sounds like a Stingray. What's not to like?