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  1. EdgeXXL


    Dec 13, 2013
    Tucson Arizona
    So today I was talking to a couple of my friends and casually mentioned that I had just started playing Bass again. I don't even know how it came up in the conversation we were having. Well one of them says hey my brother has a bass guitar he hasn't played in several years. I asked what it was and he said he would call his brother and ask him. He called his brother and it turned out to be a "Made in the USA Peavey Foundation". His brother said if I wanted to come and get it I could HAVE IT. Needless to say I couldn't get there fast enough.

    I am now the proud new owner of a white USA Peavey Foundation. The bass was pretty dirty and missing two of the knobs. It also needed a set up done on it pretty bad. I looked up on how to adjust the truss rod and came across an owners manual on the internet. I said what the heck if I can fix Jets for 30 years I can surely try and set up this bass. Well after some adjustments on the truss rod and a neck pocket adjustment I am in business. I put on a set of Rotosound Stainless roundwounds and it sounds great. It has some dings and scratches on it but heck for free I ain't going to complain. I know picts or it didn't happen.



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    Nice...congrats !
  3. yodedude2

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    hey you got one of the nice ones! gonna have to buy your friend and his bro a couple of beers eh
  4. Yeah, definitly great score, especially at that price! ;)
    I had a chance to get one earlier this year, but I missed out due to being out of town.
  5. EdgeXXL


    Dec 13, 2013
    Tucson Arizona
    Already done.
  6. 69limeRev

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    May 1, 2007
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    Another bass playin A&P mech! Nice score.
  7. Reddog01


    Nov 3, 2013
    Georgetown, TX
    You got the best deal in town!
  8. MEKer

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    Very nice. But tell me-----with that big headstock and all---
    (1) does a Foundation neck dive at all? (2) Any jazz tone to them naturally with those pickups?
  9. TheAnalogKid

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Big hoo-ahh on that bass score and I gotta say there is nothing more satisfying than doing your own (read: personal) setups. Enjoy and display Peavey Pride!
  10. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
    Anasleim, CA