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    Feb 3, 2005
    So I've chosen to rebuild my beautiful Black on black PJ Bass into something a bit more vintage. I'll be using a trusty Nordstrand NP4 and a Hipshot Vintage bridge. All the other hardware will be the same.

    The bonus is I'm finally going to use the Fender 57 reissue P-bass body for the project. See - and you guys are going to kick yourselves for this, I originally wanted to ditch it because it was a three piece body - very well matched but three pieces nonetheless. Well it turns out that the body weighs only 4.5lbs!!! and it's already finished in Nitro!!! This will give me a bass that weighs between 7 and 8lbs I suspect when I'm done - HAHA. No Sale now!!:D

    I'm a firm believer that the natural tone of an instrument especially fender style instrument electronics and strings aside Lies solely in the neck. And the neck I got from USACG is very special to me. I even cancelled an order for a Lakland 55-01 because I couldn't keep both. I'm excited that my 57 tribute bass will finally see the light of day!!

    Cheers Cheers

    No to pair it with my new rig in question
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    Wow! Sound hawt! It's not going to be a real vintage bass because it doesn't weigh enough :p