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Scored a new medium sized amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Gabu, May 27, 2002.

  1. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    My Carvin rig was seeming a bit big for some of the venues I have been playing... and is kinda big and heavy to move so I shopped around for something loud enough to play out and small enough to be easy to move. After trying a few different medium sized combos, I went with the Ampeg Rocket 100.

    It's 100 watts solid state into a single 15. It seems pretty sweet so far. Hopefully it will keep up with my drummer. I will post a follow-up with that little tidbit. He isn't hamfisted... so I am hopeful. That will cut 20+ lbs off my rig and be a bit smaller in the move.

    I already reduced our PA from a pair of 15 + 8 + horn to a pair of 10 + horn, going through the same Carvin mixer and R1000 power amp. Since we just put our vocals through it, it seems to work fine.

    But anyways.... back to the amp. This is a really sweet sounding amp with my Fender 75 reissue. After listening to that pair, my wife was like "buy it, buy it!" That was cool! :D The fella at guitar center was telling me that this was a tube amp, so I emailed ampeg and asked, they confirmed it is solid state. (makes sense for the $500 price tag) They gave it to me for $429, which I guess is about normal for this amp. I dig the vintage look too! I will post a full report after the next band practice.
  2. Nice one dude!!!! I recently got myself a small portable combo for the sort of gigs that the Trace is too much for - but I went the Ashdown route, easier and cheaper on this side of the pond!!! 130 watts into a single 15 speaker, not vintage, but I think it looks good with it's blue speaker!

    Unfortunately my wife wasn't so pleased when I came back with it! Well, I was only supposed to be trading my POD Pro in for a MIM Jazz Fretless and a Boss GT-6B. The amp just kinda stuck to me as I went out the door of the shop........ Oh well, can't please all of the folks all of the time!:D
  3. Alright! Way to go Gabu!!!!!!!

    When my Fender Bassman 60 went to the great repairshop in the sky last October, I asked here for some ideas on what would be a good replacement for it. A few guys (Rayzak, Brad J and others) all said the B100R is a great amp, - BOY WAS THIS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! This amp is just super; it's reasonably loud, has a great vintage tone and is actually on the smallish side. I love mine. This amp + a Stingray = tone heaven. You only paid $429???
    You lucky dawg, you! I got nailed for $479, which did seem to be the going rate for them. Anyway, welcome to the rocket 100 club! This amp will only grow on you over time.

    Enjoy it.
    Mike J.
    P.S. Play with those mid controls; they shape the sound alot.

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