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    Aug 18, 2017
    Hi everyone.

    Sorry if i'm repeating something that has already been posted.

    Would love to know who played bass on this album.

    Research points to Herbie Flowers, Scott Walker or most probably an unknown session player.

    What a fantastic sound! 'Old Man's Back Again', but the quality of the bass playing is constant throughout Scott I-IV.

    Would love to know the gear. Short scale bass?

    This is a great bass cover:
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  2. Love his solo work too, and the Walker Brothers. Scott was the bass player during the Walker Brothers time and might have played bass on some of his solo work, too.
    Most of it is classic flatwound tic-tac sound with a plectrum.
    On Scott 4 the bass player is Herbie Flowers. It is definitely him. I'm a huge fan of Serge Gainsbourgh, too. Esp. Melody Nelson. And his sound just stands out. His short scale bass sounds like his strings are made of rubber.
    But still: Scott Engel (Walker) had played bass sessions in Los Angeles before he joined the Walker Brothers!

    Scott Walker Bass Sound - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
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    As always, there's the chance that this contains correctable info, but here's his Wiki...
    Herbie Flowers - Wikipedia
    Worked with T.Rex, Bowie, Lou Reed(the 'Transformer' album, with the infamous upright/electric duet on 'Walk On The Wild Side', plus a cool kinda overlooked downtuned bit on 'Andy's Chest'), plus countless UK sessions. Another notable downtuned performance of his is on Nilsson's 'Jump Into The Fire'. As far as I can tell, he's always played a Jazz Bass. And yes, his work on Scott's 'The Old Man's Back Again' is superb.
  4. I just want to add that "Je t'aime Moi non plus" woudn't be what it is without the bass. Love it. Kind of perverse:) that it was never mentioned here on Talkbass.
    Without the bass it might just be sex, with the bass it is LOVE.
    quod erat demonstrandum: we play the most beautifull and important instrument of them all. Bass is so much more physical than a guitar or piano. Not as much as drums, but they don't have notes. We have it all. Love your bass, your bass is LOVE.
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    Oct 28, 2013
    Scott Walker is one of my favorites. This song especially. Love the bass.
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    Apr 14, 2013
    Melody Nelson and Scott IV are two of my favourite albums. According to the personnel section of this:
    Histoire de Melody Nelson - Wikipedia
    Dave Richmond played his burns bison on that album not Herbie Flowers. I would still love to know who played bass on Scott Walkers philips albums from the late 60's.
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    Apr 14, 2013
    because Scott Walker or whoever played he or she deserves a lot of credit. In a recent interview on bbc 6 before the bbc proms tributes in an interview with Jarvis Cocker about 'The old man's back again' he said:

    JC: It's like you playing the bass. That's got a very good bass line on that track
    SW: No No I can't remember who did it ehrrr. No I can't remember I'm sorry.
    JC: That's OK, That's a great bass on that track
    SW: It would have been a very fine bass player anyway