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Scottish and Geordie people please help.

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by big daddy cool, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. I'm at a stage where I'm going to have to start thinking very seriously about universities and such like.

    I was wondering whether anyone could give me any info about what the night life of Aberdeen and Newcastle are like in comparison to edinburgh please, and whether you think they would be nice cities to live in.

    I'm asking this because I can't find anything out about it anywhere. I've already looked into the academic side btw, I have got my priorities right ;)
  2. From what I've heard (I've got mates at Aberdeen and Newcastle), the night life inNewcastle is better than Aberdeen but neither is as good as Edinburgh.

    But, the Geordie accent annoys the heck out of me.

    But, Aberdeen is probably the nicer city to live in, apart from the rise of the drug culture.... heroin is bigger in Aberdeen than anything else, it's not good. But still better (slightly.....*) than the neds in Newcastle.

    *If they're whacked out on H, then they're less likely to attack you than if they're drunk.
  3. cheers parrot. Cumon John, microbass... need some more opinions please!
  4. David Watts

    David Watts

    Aug 12, 2002
    What is the origin of the name Geordie? I asked some irish mates and they didn't know the answer.
  5. No idea dave, sorry mate.
  6. To me Edinburgh has always been a nice place to visit - but I'm not convinved it's where I'd want to stay.

    I attended Glasgow University, several of my friends attended Strathclyde University.

    Your post is interesting ,as you've obviously looked inot the subject that you want to study and narrowed it down to those universities in those cities.

    What are you planning on studying?

    Reason I'm asking is obvious......your seem to have sussed your priorities, but then are concerend with quality of night life.....if it's too good, that could really mess with your studies


    I've never been to either of those cities (not in a recreational capacity...) so couldn't comment.

    I know that Glasgow has a huge student population - now that it has 3 universities within the city, and Paisley Uni about 10 miles out of the city. I doubt you'd attract so many students without being able to provide them with nightlife. There's also about a dozen or so colleges around!

    Plenty of students usually imply plenty of nightlife!
  7. Both Aberdeen and Newcastle have pretty large student populations, but Newcastle also has more younger (20s) people in general too, AFAIK.
  8. I'll second the Glasgow UNi's, as that is all I know about ! My bro goes to Strathclyde (uh, i think?! maybe its caledonion!) and he says the courses can be very difficult. (he's smart...)

    the music college parrot attends sounds cool... :)
  9. Jewel & Esk Valley College - it's not so much a music college as a general college with a surprisingly good music department.


    Music courses

    The one I'm doing (I hope to carry on and do the HND next year)

    It's nothing compared to what Peter McFerrin's doing, or the Royal Academy place in Glasgow, but it is one of the best places for bass guitar in the UK, apparently.
  10. Do they pay you to say that?? :D :D
  11. It was law I was wanting to do John. I need a minimum of AAABB for both Newcastle and Edinburgh. For Aberdeen its ABBBB.

    Obviously Newcastle and Edinburgh would come over Aberdeen if I had the choice, but depending on the grades I might not!

    I guess I'll have to pay a trip down to Newcastle some time and see what the student life there is like. Probably do it next January since I'll be 18 by then. That way I can decide between there and here... and if worst comes to worst there's Aberdeen.

    I just hope to God I manage to get the grades. In my prelims I got ABB and 2 fails!!! Admitedly I didn't bother myself at all about them and I was stoned in one of the exams, but still kinda disheartening when I know I'm capable of getting straight A's.

    I'm doing Maths, English, Economics, Modern Studies and Physics just now. Having trouble with Maths and HUGE problems trying to get a grasp of Physics and remember what I've learnt! Looks like I'm really just going to have to hit the books. :(
  12. Well, considering there's only two places in Scotland that touch bass.....

    Actually, from a modern music (erm, rock/metal/pop) perspective it's the best in Scotland.

    Actually, from jazz, it's not bad either, the bass teacher spends most of his time playing jazz (he was doing a solo bass thing last time he played in Edinburgh) so.......


    If you want to follow a more modern music path, it seems to be among the best places you could go.

    Certainly, I've learned more than I can believe (not just bass playing, but about recording, law, marketing, and so much more) it's well worth it if music is the future you want.

  13. Well, I guess your Uni choices make sense (it's always handy to have one that'll let you in if you don't do as well in your exams as you expect...) - so it's up to you to get the grades for the Uni you want!

    I only did 4 Highers - got ABB and a D for English (D'oh!). Went back to do a Sixth year, but got a place at Glasgow Uni during clearing (you know when all the Uni's still have spaces left to fill, and they desperately want to put bums on seats!).

    Ironically, it was Physics that I did at Uni, and after 3 years (struggled the first 2, but had matured enough for the 3rd - I went to Uni at 16...)

    Good luck with your exams! It's been a while since I really studied Physics, but if your stuck with any concepts you can always PM me - I might be able to help you out!