SD Apollo issues- Installer (me) error? Phase issue or failed installation?

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  1. In another thread I spoke of how I had recently purchased a set of Seymour Duncan Apollo noiseless 5 string bass pickups. I was not successful at getting these pickups to function as they should, and it was determined if one of the pickups was "out of phase" and the set was returned. Yesterday I successfully installed a set of Aguilar noiseless pickups... BUT NOW I'm wondering if I didn't miss something fundmental with the SD and want to get clarity, if only for my own edification. I'M WONDERING IF I DID IN FACT INSTALL THEM ROTATED 180 degrees from the proper orientation, is this that caused the issues and much time and consternation?????

    I installed the pickups as they were directly out of the package. And as you know most pickup covers are not attached. Obviously with SD's as most pickups, the name brand is stamped on the lower right side of the covers, so one would assume the orientation. HOWEVER, the wires on both pickups exited the left side of the pickups, transversed the length of the pickup, attached by some adhesive or glue to the bottom of the pickup. So when the pickup wires reached the control cavity the wires were barely long enough to install into the preamp connectors.

    Now weeks later, upon pondering that, I'm wondering if the covers weren't placed on the pickups in the wrong orientation and I simply failed to remove the wires stuck to the bottom of the pickup to extend their length to a reasonable length, rotate the pickup covers and install them; in the same positions, but rotated 180 from how the pickup covers indicated?

    Would installing both pickups, in their proper respective places 180 backward, have caused the issues that I was experiencing with these pickups and not a pickup defect at all???? If I had in fact installed them facing the wrong way, what would I have experienced????

    Thanks for helping me clarify this in my head.
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    Flipping the physical pickup around won't cause it to be out of phase.
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  3. What would happen if both pickups were installed rotated180 degrees, but with neck in neck position and bridge in bridge position?
  4. Nothing. Physically turning the pickup around does not put it out of phase. Wiring and/or magnets need to be reversed.