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SD get together???

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Reverend G-Money, May 23, 2004.

  1. So i mentioned this to Jared and I've talked to John at Bass Alone about this, but are there enough TB'ers in San Diego to do a get together? Any OC or LA people can come too... If we can't do it at John's new location (so sick!!!), i'm in really good with the club Blind Melon's and I'm sure i can talk them into a 3:00-7:00 on a saturday for sure.. anyone intirested or will this be 3 dudes wanking (as Brad Johnson puts it :p ) to a drum machine??? Just curious, it's very possible to make this happen so i wanted to see if anyone was down... please reply!!

    Hey if nothing else, any San Diego TB'ers that want to go out for a drink get in touch!! I get jealous with all the threads that Mike Jewels, Bustin Justin, and Major Metal talk about hanging out in NYC.... C'mon people let's do this!!!!
  2. Dan Molina

    Dan Molina TalkBass Secular Progressive

    Jul 17, 2002
    Murr Town, California
    I'm an LA person, though a get together would feel weird to me...I don't consider myself nearly as good as most people on this forum.
  3. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    If I'm down from Groom, I'd show.
  4. There's one... 2 more (besides me) and it's an official wank session!! c'mon people..... or is everyone in Sd like me.. "motivated but, ehhh.. maybe tomorrow" :p
  5. BustinJustin

    BustinJustin banned

    Sep 12, 2003
    NYC, LI too
    I'm often in OC for work/Home Office.

    So I'll subscribe.

    I enjoy playing bass with other peoples too, so if it works out can a Nyer chill?

    oh and thank goodness it's not in South Dakota :meh: :p
  6. yeah no problem.. but the yankees suck!! hah.. but seriously, they've been the boys of october A LOT more than the Padres ever have... :rolleyes:

    south dakota, that would be happenin.. watching the wind blow, seeing dirt grow, etc... :smug:
  7. Looks like you and I are the only ones from the Greatest City. If a get-together doesn't happen (since it looks like it's gonna be two guys wanking to a drum machine :p) then our bands should definitely play a show or two. I saw you guys when you were IR (I used to be in Brothers From Another Planet - I think we were on a Dream Street bill once) and a Devices/Shaggin Wagon lineup would be SICK!

    By the way, if you could get John from Bass Alone to give me a deal on THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS...well I'd just have to buy you a beer or three.

    BTW, are you guys playing the OB Street Fair this year? We're playing Winston's at 3pm. Come out and say whats up.