Sealing pickups to prevent sweat damage

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  1. I just bought a brand new ESP F304 and I was wondering how could I seal the pickups so they don't get my sweat all in the electronics. I really can't afford anything there anything I can use to seal the pickups?
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    If you are getting sweat in your pickups, you should hold your bass differently. :D

    Kidding, only kidding.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    You can turn the AC on first of all. If you dont want it on, read this:

    Jason Newstead from Metallica used to have a big problem with moisture and sweat going into his basses. He had custom Sadowskys built to fix this problem and it talks about this here:

    to see what Im talking about, go to the bottom of the page where it says "Enter Sadowsky: Buy Eight, Get One Free." It says the stuff Roger did to Jason's basses to make them waterproof.

    I hope this info helps you.
  4. correction i got a B304 not F...the F's are freakin ugly....anyways....its all back routed so do you guys think i could just cut up some rubber washers and work them around the pickups to solve this? I haven't shorted any basses yet, but I really can't afford to and its better to be safe than sorry.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    i still cant picture this... how exactly is there sweat getting into your pups? cant you put on the air conditioning or is that not an option where you gig? Maybe you can wear wristbands...
  6. it hasnt happened yet (shorting anything out)....i just dont want it to.....I notice how much i sweat and how wet my frets and strings get after a show and I remember reading about Newstead shorting his basses out and i was like "damn, that could happen to me" so when i got this bass i wanted to make sure everythign on it was cool before I decided to play shows. The shows we play are usually super small venues with alot of people in very little space. so its super hot....that and i live in georgia and its the middle of summer..... there anything i can do just as a safety measure? somethin fast if you can...we have a show tommorow night.
  7. Don't know how much gap there is around your pups.

    The other week, I played an outdoor festival - all three days were well over 100, it was still 92 degrees at our 9pm show with a high dew point. I practically bathed a pre-CBS Precis I've had about 30 years. It has had the pickups overhauled over the years but nothing ever shorted.

    But, what I do as a precaution is keep a terry towel right in the "V" where my strap attaches to the butt of the bass. I'm wiping constantly between songs at hot summer gigs and I keep a spare on the amp head.
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    Weird. Really weird. Now I'm gonna start worrying about this. DANG!