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    Mar 27, 2008
    My band is recording a three times in January (10 hour days). We plan on doing about four songs, but we recently booted our lead singer. He missed multiple practices, blew off shows, and refused to record because he didn't know the guy. I don't wanna say the deal we got, but I'll just say for a whole day it was under $500. Anyways we are searching for a new singer, but we decided to go ahead with recording and hope that we can do vocals later...Is this a good move? Any advice for studio time? By the way we're really well rehearsed and have been for a while.

    Oh and for the recordings I'm using a 69' Fender P-bass through a telefunkn DI and Ampeg B-15 from the 60s. Also, a Musicman from the 70s and Vox AC50 through a 4x12.
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    well sure. typically vocals are added last. as long as one of you can do a scratch vocal for the tunes you shoudl be ok. just make sure to tell the studio asap that your project will be modified in that manner. only trouble is you'll probably get stuck with higher fees. there is a good chance that their price was with the understanding that they could finish the entire thing up in one shot. if they don't have automation, that can be a real pain to make notes of every setting when they start to mix and then have to stop. that could cost you.
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    Mar 27, 2008
    Mixing is a tough cookie, but the studio knew from the get go that vocals would be gone for now