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  1. Hi folks

    In australia, we pay through the nose for instruments - anyone who has heard my posts will know that I have paid $3800AUD for a MM SR5 lefty. American $ relates to about a $1200 instrument in my country.

    Any reasons you know that we pay so much more?

    BTW - my thread relating to this question was closed on the EBMM forum :eyebrow:
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    Mainly I think it's due to a combination of importer/dealer markups, limited numbers of sales (so wanting to maximise individual unit profits) and in amny instances, a sort of "well you can only get it from us so we'll charge what we want" attitude. I'm a major fan of supporting your community by buying local, but if I'd been you and hit with that price and wait, I would have tried to import directly myself.

    Not surprised they closed your thread: many manufacturer based fora, which are marketing extensions in essence, don't actually want the hard questions asked.
  3. yes,

    i joined here only a cuppla days after i had made the purchase.

    thanks to Tb, i know better now.

    the reason my thread got closed was because I asked why it cost me $200 extra dollars for a scratchplate????

    next time, i'll be able to ask my friends on Tb what to do....
  4. $200???!!! Which one did you opt for?? That is truely ridiculous...
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    I think lefties almost anywhere have to pay lots more for basses.
    Especially imported ones.
  6. i picked the perloid one from the catalog, but any p/g that wasn't black cost an extra $200.

    i know we pay more as lefty aussies, we're twice disadvantaged. anyway, i know i'll love my SR5 when it finally arrives....
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    I think you should've ordered a pickguard aftermarket :p...