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  1. GuzaFranco


    Jan 25, 2014
    Well, I see there is a lot of posts like these. Im kinda new, i'm new here but i was reading this forum since a while. I got a doubt, and is that besides of bass i want to play seriously another instrument. I play bass since, don't know, 2 years. And i know a little of keyboard and a play a Garagekey Midi Controller that have 37 keys. Several people has sayed to me, that if I want to improve my bass playing i got to learn classical guitar, the thing is that i don't like to play guitar, it seems to small, too boring (Which is weird, 'cause i like to grab an ukelele) and besides i cannot do the chords well, and it makes me mad haha. But well, what do you think i have to buy, a guitar or get a better keyboard ?

    Things to have in mind:

    1 - I don't have a lot of space and money for buying both of them

    2 - I don't have time to practice more than 2 instruments, and suck in others

    3 - I move a lot in the ambient of Stoner rock, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Alternative rock and that stuff

    Thank you very much for the answer ! And have a nice day

    PD: Sorry for my bad english :bag: