Secondary Dominents / Sub V's

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  1. Hi,First Id love to say this is a Talk Bass forum is just fantastic, My whole hearted Thanks goes out to every one invoved! Thank You!

    I was wondering if any one out there could help me get a better understanding of "secondary Dominents/ Substitute V chords.Are they one and the same? What and Where can you substitute a V chord for?Is ia a cycle of II/V's? Im kinda at a loss whit this. Any examples from the real book or Recordings that might Help this sink into My ear?
    Thanks in advance for all the help, and all the Help I have already received through the Members of Talk Bass. This is a truly Wonderful Idea!:)
  2. Thanks ed, I kinda get it, although ill have to ponder it a bit, The tritone thing is a little confusing, I think #4???? Any way Ive got the "real Book" out, looking Through "All the things you are". Im going to try to analize it and see what I come up with, I know I can get it,along with a good headache, in a bit......:confused:
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