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  1. Right now I'm working at a liquor store, and once summer comes I'll get more hours but still roughly work 25 hours a week making about
    120 after taxes.

    I got offered a job in construction from my future brother-in-law's brother doing painting and minior carpentry (i have two years of carpentry class from school and can do framing some roofing, molding, and sheetrocking) It's 5 days a week 40 hours, and 12 dollars an hour, all under the table money, totaling to about $500 a week. Also if I can show him I can do harder work with my skills I can get more.

    I can find someone to replace me for the summer at my current job and try to come back in september because I need a job while in school, or I can quit and the money I'll make can hold me over for a bit until I can find a new job.

    I really don't know what to do. I was thinking try out the construction job and see how I like it, and if it's a good deal, talk to my boss then, or should I just talk to him now ?
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    I would say go to work with the job for a few days and see how ya like it! You never know what a person is like to work for. They could be the coolest person in the world till they are your boss!
  3. $120 for 25 hours versus $500 or more for 40 hours?

    If you have a little background in carpentry, why wouldn't you take it?

    Also, the day will go faster when you're not standing around waiting for the next customer as in a store.

    You take that half-a-grand, y'hear? ;)

  4. It would be 4 grand over the summer, but I just found out the jobs a hour away, so now I'm not doing it. Now I can keep my job long term and enjot my summer before I start college. Let the parties begin !!