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  1. I'm forming a new big band and need to build a library fast. Does anyone know of any collections being sold or places I should look? This stuff seems pretty hard to find. Most places I have found online are $45 or so per title with not that great of a selection.
  2. You probably already know this, but be a little careful about what you buy. 5-4-4-4 charts often don't play well with a smaller band.

    How many pieces in your band? If you're looking for charts for a smaller band (12-14 pcs.), I might be able to help you out. What sort of charts are you looking for? Old '30s and '40s, or more current stuff? Also, once you start to build your book, some people will trade charts.

    IMO, there are few things as much fun as a honkin' big band. Especially when playing old Goodman/ Miller/ Dorsey/ Basie/ Ellington, etc.
  3. Thanks for the response guys. Sorry about the double post.

    Its not all in place yet but so far I have 3 bones, 2 trumpets, 1 sax, with more to come. It will be in the 9-12 range plus a singer or two.

    "Goodman/ Miller/ Dorsey/ Basie/ Ellington, etc." said it. Thats what I'm looking for. Heavy on the Basie. The bone players want to do some jump jive as well:bawl:. Feel free to PM me with what you have.
  4. Tillerman, ya might be a bit brass heavy already if you're hoping to keep the band smallish. If you want to play Basie, etc., based on my experience I would suggest minimum four saxes- two alto, two tenor, preferably some of whom double on clarinet. Bari is nice but not essential. One or two 'bones, two or three trumpets, rhythm section of piano, bass, drums- guitar is nice but not essential.

    For charts, start with Lots of big and small band, dixieland, variety of other rather obscure stuff. Priced per sheet, very reasonable. Good people to deal with, professional approach. If there's something in particular they don't have that you want, PM me for another email address. The bandleader I work with is a 70-something trumpet player that did time on the road with Harry James, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Ray Anthony and others. He has 50+ years worth of accumulated charts in his basement and will also sell copies very reasonably.
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