Seeking eq/setup advice for SWR Bi-amp rig. Stella and Grand Prix.

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    May 23, 2013
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    Greetings all,

    I am hoping the hive mind on talkbass can help me assemble a Voltron-esque bi-amp rig with my SWR gear. Ingredients are: SOB loaded with a Mesa 400 8 ohm (I blew the orig), Goliath III 410, Stereo 800 (red/chrome), Grand Prix (green), and Interstellar Overdrive (blue). Using a radial splitter, my aim is to route one lead to the grand prix, through one side of the stereo 800, to the SOB. The second lead similarly routes to stella, other side of stereo 800 to Goliath. Hoping to achieve clean defined low (grand prix/800/SOB), and dirty (stella/800/golaith). Playing post metal with 4 string bass tuned C-G-C-F. I've had all of this gear for a while now except for the grand prix which i just got. I've found stella a little tough to wrangle while using it as my main preamp. I also have the in/out footswitch for stella. The manual for stella suggests using a dedicated power amp/cab, which is why i am trying this. I like the sound of grand prix alot but found its mid-range layout to be a little mysterious. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and mainly playing a jazz bass but trying to work in my 1992 steinberger Q4. (one thing i noticed after having the amp eq'd for the jazz is that the steinberger's two lowest strings sounded strong and the two lighter strings were swallowed up by the guitars and drums). Thanks in advance!
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    Dec 25, 2011
    It seems that you have a your ideas in order and you should just proceed with experiments. Then when you problems, ask a question.

    I suggest that you call this experiment multi-amping rather than biamping. Most, but not all, assume the term biamping means you will use an active crossover to split your signal into highs and lows, rather than running dual mono full range signals to a clean amp and a dirty amp.

    Here is an article that identifies some of the problems you are likely to encounter. Multi-Amp Rigs 101
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